History of the Russian Society of Pathologists

The Russian Society of Pathologists (RSP) was created at 1923 year when the First Congress RSP took place in the Petrograd. Leading native pathologist Alexey I. Abrikosov was elected President of RSP. Famous Russian pathologists Ippolit V. Davydovsky, Nikolay N. Anichkov, Nikolay F. Melnikov-Razvedenkov, George V. Shore entered the Board.  Eminent German scientists K.Aschof and O.Lubarsch were elected foreign members of the Board. In 1925 in Moscow  the Second Congress RSP took place and Alexey I. Abrikosov was President too.  Additionally Vladimir T. Talalayev and Fedor Ya. Chistovitch included in the composition of the board. And RSP operated until Great Patriotic War. At 1947 year when All-Union Society of Pathologists was created then RSP ceased to function independently and poured into the All-Union Society.

When USSR was disintegrated All-Union Society of Pathologists ceased its activities. And in December 1990 in Obninsk the Founding Conference for All-Russian Society of Pathologists organization took place. Jury L. Perov was elected President of Society. At 1994 year All-Russian Society of Pathologists transformed to Association of pathologists. It tried to recreate All-Union Society’s functions and to unite CIS’s pathologists. Jury L. Perov was President of Association. But it was time had severe socio-economic conditions and Association’s activities was impossible to implement. Since 1995 to 2004 year RSP revived and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences professor Oleg K. Khmelnitsky headed it. 

After O.K. Khmelnitsky died at 2004 RSP was legally registered and registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a professional public association first. In Moscow  the Founding Congress held and Lev V. Kaktursky was elected President. He leads society for 12 years stretch. During this years it conducted 4 congresses and 9 Plenary Meetings in different cities of Russia, a lot of conferences, symposiums, schools and other. RSP's site was created. Under the auspices of RSP published a number of periodicals, guides, books. On the RSP's initiative Quality control of pathology services - voluntary certification system postmortem studies was created. It  coming out on the international level with the introduction of criteria for assessing the quality of the NordiQS system. Currently RSP unites regional offices in 50 parts of Russian Federation.